A Jaw-Dropping Collection of Fine Art Wedding Invitations | Featuring Ink & Press Co

Hello Fine Art Lovers!

Get ready for an explosion of content because I’m here to share all the wedding details on the blog in my upcoming posts.

If you adore soft strokes of calligraphy, handmade paper, silk ribbons and pretty details then you certainly came to the right place. Curating my invitation suite was one of my favorite parts of the wedding because it was a personal reflection of our love story that set the tone of the event. In a world of e-vites and digital downloads from Etsy it may seem tempting to skimp out on your invitations but my word of advice is don’t! Your wedding invitation suite is an important preview of your special day and will be cherished as a keepsake by your loved ones for years to come.

With that being said, I had the pleasure of working with Mikyla, the OH-SO-TALENTED stationery designer and owner of Ink & Press Co.

More than just a mere set of invitations, Mikyla’s work conveys a specific charm though her unparalleled design and detail.

From the moment we connected on the phone I knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Mikyla is an incredible listener and fully understood my vision even when I felt like I had trouble communicating my thoughts. It was such a breath of fresh air working with somebody who just GETS it- you know what I mean? Every piece of my invitation suite was a one-and-done without numerous edits or revisions which made my life a whole lot easier.

I highly highly recommend working with somebody who shares the same eye as you. Before hiring a professional, you should check out their Instagram feed to ensure their style is in alignment with your own. Ideally, you want to give the artist a taste of your vision and then free reign to run wild with it. Don’t try fitting a square peg in a round hole. If you are not in synergy with your vendor it will end up costing you your time, money and energy. One of the reasons I loved working with Mikyla so much is that I did not have to micromanage the process so it did not feel overwhelming at all.

After our consultation, Mikyla got to work on the vision board which would carry throughout the theme of the wedding. Old world charm with a subtle modern twist.

From the color palette to the soft details, this invitation suite was the perfect reflection of our personalities.

Inside our invitation suite was a hand-drawn illustration card of our venue where we wed, a neutral color palette with letterpress printing, vintage stamps that symbolize important places, custom gold wax seals from Artisaire and (my fav) an envelope liner featuring Da Vinci’s sketches as tribute to Pasquale’s Italian heritage.

Once all of the paper goods were designed, she sent me over the final mock-up:

.. & I cried!!!

The invitations were so beautiful and felt so personal.

We loved them even more in person. Are you ready for the most jaw-dropping collection of flat lay photos styled by Barrie Anne Photography and Ink & Press Co?!!

Flat Lay Collection of our Wedding Invitation Suite


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