Hallway Closet Reveal + Tips on Getting Organized

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I couldn’t be more excited to share my hallway closet with you today! The goal was to utilize every square inch purposefully and create a harmonious blend of linen and closet space without feeling cluttered. Challenge .. accepted?

Our apartment has only one bedroom closet so we agreed that I would get that while Pasquale takes the dresser and half of the hallway closet.

I spent hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration but it only made me frustrated and procrastinate even more. Sometimes social media leaves me grossly unmotivated because there’s way too much content and it can feel overwhelming. I find that some of our best ideas come from just rolling up our sleeves and jumping into it without overthinking things too much.

After I nearly broke my neck from tripping over a shoe box that was pouring out of my closet, I decided enough was enough. My main priority was to just get everything off the floor and figure the rest out as I went.

I’ll start off with my favorite closet feature- this Elfa Mesh Over the Door Rack. It comes with 6 mesh baskets (2x small 2x medium 2x large) and assembly is insanely easy if you have a standard size door. It also comes with a hook that slips right over the top of your door so no tools are required. Mine took a bit longer to assemble because my door is thicker than the standard size so we had to use screws to bolt it down.

The mesh baskets are adjustable and the perfect solution for storing cleaning products, bulk items, coffee cups, you name it. I’m the queen of last-fucking-minute so I’m always running on fumes when it comes to household supplies.. I’ve found myself pathetically cutting the dishwasher pod in half because I was too lazy to run out and get more detergent. One time I had to hand Pasquale a pack of the cats eye wipes because I ran out of toilet paper๐Ÿ˜‚ Why am I like this?

Anywho, these Elfa door racks are so versatile, I even got one for my bedroom closet. I no longer have to dive into panic because I can keep track of my inventory effortlessly.

Featured from top to bottom:
  • Small Mesh Basket – Scrubbing Brush (here) / Magic Eraser (here) / William Sonoma Hand Soap (here)
  • Small Mesh Basket – William Sonoma Pink Grapefruit Cleaning Set (here) / William Sonoma Cleaning Spray (here)
  • Mediam Mesh Basket – Signature Detergent (here) / Darks Detergent (here) / Whites Detergent (here) / Fabric Softener (here)
Featured from top to bottom (continued)
  • Medium Mesh Basket – Cork Basket – for essential oils (here) / Spare Bougie Candle (here) / Hand Towel (here) / William Sonoma Detergent (here)
  • Large Mesh Basket – Cosmetic Bag – for gift wrapping supplies (here) / Gift Bags (similar here)
  • Large Mesh Basket – Disposable Coffee Cups (here)

My second favorite feature of my closet is this hanging bin storage. I actually came up with this idea randomly when I was contemplating tossing out this linen shoe organizer. Instead I decided to repurpose it into storage for my toiletries and other products. I found these Charcoal Beton Storage Boxes at The Container Store and they fit perfectly with the dimensions of the shoe compartment. Since it’s vertical it takes up virtually no space and the labeled bins keep my products organized while being easily accessible. Such a genius hack.

This Woven Seagrass Double Hamper was another purchase I love. I know it’s a bit pricey for a laundry basket but it makes my life much easier so honestly it was well worth it. The lift up lid has two separate bins for easy color sorting. Whites on the right, colors on the left. Plus the woven seagrass texture is so pretty, it can double down as decor. I don’t mind investing in quality products if it makes your everyday routine more enjoyable. It’s important to find joy out of the little things, even laundry!

This Umbra Charcoal Slant Shoe Organizer keeps Pasquale’s shoes off the floor which I like because it doesn’t collect as much dust.

On the right side of my closet door I hung up my super cute pink renewable shopping bags and dust pan. I did a whole blog post on my favorite sustainable shopping bags if you want to check it out here.

Lastly, the top shelf was used as extra storage as well as things that I don’t use on an everyday basis. The big charcoal box has extra blankets and pillows for guests. The smaller charcoal box is just used to throw miscellaneous things into. The wire baskets are from target and I they’re ideal for toilet paper and paper towel storage.

Since I don’t have an official office I dedicated some of the closet for our paperwork. The acrylic file box is used for receipts and other important documents like our passports, marriage and birth certificates, and contracts. These binders are used to keep our tax returns organized. Inside the binder I have tabs that separate each years tax returns so it makes it easy for the accountant to reference.

& that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed touring my closet space with me and I hope I was able to give you helpful organizational tips. As always, thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

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