DIY White Croc Book Covers

I was inspired by this look when I went into Bloomingdales and saw the chicest display of books covered in this white embossed croc paper. It was so unique and perfect for the bookshelf project I was creating. I wanted to know where it was from so I can go buy it but unfortunately the associate had no idea. She also told me she gets asked the same question about 5 times a week from other people wondering the same thing.


Next strategy – ferociously search the internet and pray I come across it.

I never ended up finding the exact book covers from Bloomy’s but this copycat version from Zazzle was the closest thing to it. It doesn’t have the embossed texture but looks super realistic. I’m overall really happy with the way it came out!

I wanted to turn the shelves in my island into a book display but I wasn’t loving the way the spines looked. Call me crazy, maybe I am? but it stuck out like a sore thumb to me! I wanted my books to serve an aesthetic and functional purpose so wrapping paper was the perfect solution.

This project was super simple so continue reading if you’re interested in recreating this look!


Before: bleak and boring

After: cohesive and stylish


All you will need is:

  • wrapping paper – white croc here
  • scissors – gold ones with stand here


Lay the book flat and leave about 2″ extra on the top and bottom and about 4″ on each side.


Crease the edges of the top and bottom of the book.


Once you have your creases marked, use them as your guide to fold the creases in evenly. Your paper should now be the exact width of the book


To tuck your sides in, make a crease about 2″ from the edge and then tuck the front cover of your book in.


Before creasing the other side, push the spine up against the paper and hold at a 90 degree angle. If you fold in the sides while it’s laying flat, it may be too tight to shut properly. This technique will ensure there is enough room for the spine to bend without tearing.


Tuck the back cover into the fold on the right side and voila! You are done.

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