Thrifted: Artedi Style Tables

I’m not an avid thrifter but I always like to keep my eye out for good pieces. I’m thrilled with this find, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The travertine bases with beveled glass and brass tops tie in beautifully with the monochromatic aesthetic of my living room. A harmonious balance of modern and vintage. It’s also perfect for flat lay styling might I add.

I stumbled across this seller when I was on the app Offer Up (best app for selling/scoring deals) and her page is filled with so many gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces. She really has an eye for this thing. Her instagram handle is @renucollective if you want to check out her shop.

She sold me both pieces for a total of $300 which is honestly an incredible deal considering similar pieces sell for as much as $1500 each!

Back to Offer Up for a sec – there’s so many hidden gems on there I highly recommend browsing through it once in a while. I ended up also purchasing Louis XVI mirrors and a chair as investment pieces that I’ll share on here soon.

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