Delicious Summer Recipes That Will Impress

For a while I was on a real good roll cooking every meal at home, but once restaurants opened up again I temporarily hung up my apron. I was in a creative rut in the kitchen so I decided to put together a bunch of inspiring dishes I can recreate at home with hubby. So if you’re always stressing about what tf to make for dinner or bring to a party, don’t worry I got you covered for the rest of the summer!


Her food blog is my obsession, you definitely have to check her out. She also wins best captions award, for sure.

I’ve been loving charcoal grilling lately and was so excited to learn our new apartment building has them! (yes we’re moving!! I’ll update you guys soon)

But anyway let’s hop into the post. I wanted to share these delicious dishes I archived from Half Baked Harvest. She creates seasonally inspired recipes that are easy to follow but super impressive. I like to put on a show when I cook, you know what I mean? Food has to taste good AND look good, in my opinion. That’s why I get lazy sometimes because I hate half-assing meals.


If you guys try any of these recipes from Half Baked Harvest leave a comment below!

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  • Bliss and Peace to you today, beautiful post, beautiful food! I’m inspired to create something delish in the kitchen tonight for my family! Thanks for sharing, Live Your Bliss Life!!!


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