A Weekend in West Palm Beach

Just wanted to share my quick trip to West Palm Beach because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about traveling to Florida right now.

Yes- it is possible to travel, but there’s a lot of restrictions in and out of the airport. We flew out of JFK and were required to wear face coverings throughout the duration of the flight. It wasn’t so bad because I knocked out within 30 minutes of reading 1984 by George Oswell (if you haven’t read this yet I recommend it)

My business partner/mentor lives down in West Palm Beach so he invited us to catch up face-to-face. We met each other in Miami about 3 years ago as I was waiting for a flight and we stayed in contact ever since. You ever get a weird premonition when you first meet someone and can’t help but feel that it was a sign from the universe? Like this person was MEANT to be in your life?

I knew somewhere down the road we would link up professionally, and luckily I was right. He expressed great interest in my latest tech start-up, a world he’s very familiar with, and has been guiding me every step of the way. I’m super grateful that our paths crossed and I’m looking forward to the exciting journey ahead!

There wasn’t much time for activities when we were down there but we had our fair share of margaritas and down time. We stayed at the Ben, Autograph collection – a swanky waterfront hotel with bird’s eye views of Palm Harbor Marina. There was a group of doctors celebrating a 40th birthday and they definitely knew how to turn things up. One of them befriended us because he could tell we were from New York and thought Pasquale could be one of his distant cousins from the old country. They were cool as shit and could party. We swung back orange tequila shots and became best friends on Instagram.

The first night we stayed there the closet door fell on Pasquale’s face knocking him right to the ground. He was left with a forehead gash that even Harry Potter would be jealous of. The hotel graciously took care of us the rest of our stay by upgrading us to an insane suite and a comped cabana, so thanks Pasquale for taking one for the team HAHA.

Post concussion, living his best damn life.

For dinner and drinks we went to HMF- a chic social club inside the Breakers hotel which boasts architectural splendor and fine deco furnishings. The soaring ceilings and Gatsby-esque glamour will feel like you took a time machine back to the Guilded Age. It’s the place to be if you like jazz music, top shelf drinks & people-watching.

The food is absolutely amazing. Small plates, but perfectly crafted. You have to order the sushi and tartare – and let’s not forget the shishito peppers and roasted artichokes. My god, the tacos and sliders were also amazing. We went to dinner there both nights because it was so good.

Before we knew it, the weekend was over and we were departing back to NY. We had a great weekend and look forward to coming back to West Palm Beach.

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