My Summer Beauty Line Up

My skincare routine used to be so bleak, it almost didn’t exist. If I could remember to wash my face before bed my beauty regimen box was checked off. I guess you could chalk that up to good genes since I never got a pimple in my life (not necessarily bragging because dry skin sucks).

Fast forward to my mid twenties and I decided to become more conscious about my skin. Like maybe I shouldn’t scorch my face in the sun with tanning oil if I want to preserve the fountain of youth.

I had no idea where to start but I knew what I wanted – a liquid botox regimen that would make my skin resemble that of a 12 year old. Other than the bottle of drugstore moisturizer in my medicine cabinet I really didn’t have any holy grail beauty products to rely on. As I was doing research I somehow got sold into trading out my $3 bottle of Vitamin E with a $170 face oil. I have to admit, it’s pretty damn good face oil.

I was so excited to finally have a skincare routine that I LOVE! It’s a little slice of heaven in the morning and really just sets the tone for the day. I’m very much into collagen boosting serums and balms that plump the skin. I can already notice the smile lines around my mouth are less noticeable. I especially love products that make your skin look so good you don’t even need foundation.

I’m obsessed with my new beauty finds, so if you’re in the market to splurge I highly recommend these products!. I mean if summer’s cancelled you might as well spend all your money on skincare, amiright?

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