The Belt Cuff Trousers That Keep Selling Out

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! It was the perfect summer day here on the Long Island coast – blue skies, warm sand, children playing, people laughing. It was a peaceful reminder that the world is still a beautiful place despite the unfortunate upheaval taking place around us.

I connected with an old friend recently and I don’t believe it was a coincidence we crossed paths. The universe delivers our manifestations and brings the right people together at just the right time. Alexis and I used to work at the same restaurant years ago but we (unfortunately) never stayed in touch. She recently reached out to me because she started blogging and wanted some tips and I’m so glad she did! We clicked right away and realized we have so much value to offer each other.

If someone is on your mind, let them know. You never know the kind of opportunities and relationships that can ensue from just one small gesture.

I never had a blogging friend so I’M ALSO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT. Pasquale was such a good sport when I would drag him around town forcing him to participate in photoshoots but he can officially hang his shorts up. There’s a new sheriff in town. Hey Lex ;)!

So today we planned to wake up super early and shoot some cool content. She came over with some Sbux (venti iced latte w/ coconut milk, 4 scoops of vanilla bean powder, upside down, LOTS of ice – if we’re being specific) and we got right into it.

This was my outfit of the day, and when I say “day” I mean 30 minutes. I slipped right out of these and put on my bathing suit and headed to the beach. These trousers deserve their own blog post because I can’t stop wearing them, like how cute are they?! The belt tab cuff trend is taking the fashion world by storm and seem to always be sold out. Since these exact ones are not in stock I linked several other cute tie cuff trousers.

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