This Fragrance Oil Will Be Your Scent Obsession This Summer

I only rave about products that I absolutely love and this one I’m shouting from the rooftops.

Man oh man, this fragrance oil is heavenly. Like INTOXICATINGLY good. It’s one of those “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” situations because I wouldn’t have been compelled to buy it if I just came across it browsing online. The fragrance notes of fresh coconut, surf wax and sunscreen don’t exactly check my boxes when I’m looking for a new scent to try.

So here’s the quick backstory. I took a Reformer pilates class when I was in Aspen several months ago and the instructor rolled this oil on my wrist before class started. She told me the oil reacts with body heat and will actually start to smell more sensual as I sweat. Huh? Ok slap it on.

She was right, the scent was getting better the longer I wore it. As it develops on your skin and mixes with your natural body oils it becomes a sultry and sun-washed scent. I was getting so many compliments everywhere I went!

Long story short I was dying to go home and pick up a bottle but I had no idea what the name of it was called. Major party foul.

After months of wondering what the hell it was I decided to give my friends at O2 Aspen a ring and see if they can crack the code…. and they did! Ask and you shall receive.


Pirette Fragrance Oil.

I hope I’m not overly hyping this up but I’m telling you it’s a real good buy. I probably won’t even touch my perfume for a while. I just love it because it’s a strong fragrance oil that will last you throughout the day (even after you wash!)

If you want to be one of those people that naturally smell amazing, then get this. You can even roll the oil in your palms and comb it through your hair if you want to cast a spell on the guy standing behind you on the Whole Foods checkout line.

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