Comfy and Cute Quarantine Outfits to Wear Now and Later

Hi guys!

How’s everyone doing out there? Have you discovered a great awakening of some sort or is your life crumbling to pieces like a Nature’s Valley granola bar?

We’re learning a lot about ourselves as we navigate these unchartered waters – the good, the bad, the ugly. Self-care is a must during these times so make sure you’re taking a temperature on your mental and physical health every so often. The key to surviving self isolation is to stay as comfortable as possible but KEEP IT CUTE.

Oversized hoodie + sweats = homeless. But add a pair of hoops and some layered necklaces and boom! You’re an Instagram model. It’s all about balance.

As of late, my routine consists of changing out of night sweats into day sweats and then back into night sweats. If I’m in the mood to dress up I’ll put on a pair of joggers that almost touch my legs. Rinse and repeat Monday-Sunday.

I’ve made it abundantly clear Ive been living in this outfit throughout quarantine and I don’t think I’ll be parting with it anytime soon. When I reflect back in 10 years and think about this period of time, I’ll remember Tiger King, Chanel face masks, the “I am snacking” video, and these white sweatpants.

If this post inspired you to trade in your high school sweatshirt for something more fashion forward, I got you covered.









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