7 Ways to Layer Your Necklaces

Thick chains, dainty chains, long chains, chokers- the layering possibilities are endless!

Stacking your necklaces is a great way to elevate any outfit, even if you’re just home lounging in your favorite pjs all day. It’s the instant cool-girl factor that makes you look chic and effortlessly put together.

I love mixing and matching different chains to give texture to my look, instead of sticking to one style. Dainty, minimalist jewelry had it’s run in the spotlight for a while but now a new trend is taking over. Thick chains are on the rise and making a noteworthy bold statement. This one from Pixie Market is my favorite and has a really good price point- under $35!

So if you want to master the look and up your stacking game look no further! I put together 7 different ways to layer necklaces from some of my favorite brands with styling tips.

1. Keep it simple

Always adhere to the old adage – “less is more”. A simple look is always appealing and is a go-to for everyday style. A gold plated chain is a great staple piece to have to wear alone or layered.

gold plated chain: here

2. Pair different styles

Coin and pendant necklaces are good essentials to layer on top of staple pieces. My Matador necklace from Malibu Sunday is one of my favorite chains and I wear it almost everyday!

gold plated chain: here | tag chain: here

3. Combine different textures

You can customize the look of your desired boldness by mixing different metal finishes, thickness, and chain patterns.

gold plated chain: here | tag chain: here | cleo chain: here

4. Keep it uniform

Create a cohesive color palette when you are layering by sticking to similar metal shades. There are obviously exceptions to the rules if you are edgier but I prefer to stick with the same colors.

gold plated chain: here | tag chain: here | cleo chain: here | long chain: here

5. Wear a thick chain

Thick, bold chains are fabulous alone or layered with other dainty pieces. I recommend pairing a thick chain with a coin pendant or other medium/long length necklace.

thick chain: here | coin necklace: here

6. Combine different lengths

Have fun with this and don’t be afraid to stack up! Your layers are as unique as your personality and there’s no such thing as too much or too little. A bold stack will instantly give you confidence when you walk into a room.

choker chain: here | coin necklace: here | long chain: here

7. Cool and casual

Just enough boldness to make a statement, but it’s not drowning out the rest of your outfit. Also, consider the kind of neckline your clothing has when you are deciding on the length of your necklaces.

choker chain: here | long chain: here

This post is in collaboration with Cali Tiger.

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