10 Ways to Get Next Level Organized

I’ve been following the principles of Wabi Sabi which is the practice of creating beauty and happiness through simplicity. It’s not about sterile-minimalism, but maximizing efficiency. Ultimately, when you invest in products that serve the purpose of both beautiful and utilitarian, you’ll find you need less stuff.

Organization is a top priority this year and I am committed to gaining control over my space and life. Decluttering will not only clear your home but it will also clear your mind.

I am absolutely guilty of living in chaos and it gives me OVERWHELMING ANXIETY. One day it starts with a sink full of dishes, and before you know it you have an overflowing closet, mail scattered across your coffee table, a nightstand you’d rather not open, a pantry full of expired items, and loose batteries that somehow ended up in the cutlery drawer. YIKES.

It’s impossible to be productive and the best version of yourself when your home is upside down. Not saying everything always needs to be in tip=top shape, but implementing efficient systems will make staying tidy feel like less of a chore. I am on Day 2 of my organization journey (with lots of work ahead of me) but it already feels so liberating. I will be sharing the transformation on my blog once every square inch has been tackled. I’m really not kidding around here, even the shampoo will be in amber glass bottles with cohesive labels.

For now, I will share some of my favorite tips that I’ve pinned that will help you get next level organized:

1. Decant Dry Goods Into Clear Storage

For a relatively low investment, you can make a big impact in your pantry. Taking everything out of the original packaging and putting into clear jars is much easier on the eyes. Plus it helps you keep better inventory on the items you already have.

2. Use Clear Containers for Toiletry Items

Create more joy in your morning routine by having a nice and tidy medicine cabinet. I love the idea of using these bamboo lid food containers from Ikea for your toiletries.

Courtesy of @livesimply.us

3. Pour Liquids Into Sleek and Cohesive Bottles

I love a minimalist look so I am a big fan of removing products from their original packaging. Using re-usable glass or plastic bottles for your household liquids (think detergent, cleaning spray, shampoo) will feel like a luxurious spa or hotel experience right at home.

4. Minimalist Bath Accessories

Your bath accessories should reflect your home’s aesthetic. CB2 has a nice collection of marble sets that will give your bathroom a sleek upgrade. I’m into masculine colors lately and love their black marble collection.

5. Acrylic Organizers for Makeup Storage

An organized makeup drawer makes getting ready so much more enjoyable. I swear I even look prettier when my drawer is in order. Acrylic dividers are a good solution for your bedroom or bathroom vanity. If you don’t have drawers to place your beauty products you can also use acrylic storage and display on your dresser or desk.

6. Under-the-Sink Organization

Your sink storage should have a theme, which means your moisturizer shouldn’t be mixed amongst your disinfectant spray. So whether you use your sink storage for skin care products or cleaning supplies, it should be neat and tidy. Plastic bins are a good solution to organizing your items so you can find what you are looking for easier.

7. Use a Uniform Set of Hangers

A sleek, organized closet starts with a good set of matching hangers. There’s nothing chic about mix-match velvet and plastic hangers with a random dry cleaning hanger you forgot to throw out. My personal favorite are these wood hangers.

8. Tea and Coffee Station

This is a big part of most of our routines, so create a practical coffee/tea station that you’ll love to visit everyday! Store individual tea bags and coffee pods in a utensil tray or other drawer organizer. This is much more efficient than having to go all over your kitchen for different parts.

9. Greeting Card Box

Hate running to the store every time you need to send out a thank you or birthday card? Me too. That’s why investing in a greeting card box was one of the best things I’ve ever done! Fill a box with labeled dividers and stack up with cute cards so you’ll always be prepared for your next event.

10. Use a Shelf Unit for Shoe Storage

While you may not have your dream walk-in closet, you don’t have to be stuck with shoe disorganization. Since I have small closet space, I bought the Vittsj√∂ shelf unit from Ikea which is the perfect solution for my hand bags and shoes.

Courtesy of With Love From Kat

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