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You’re looking for a new book to read, but where do you start?

You could browse through the best seller list on Goodreads but you’ll get probably get Twilight and Hunger Games in the top five. Not exactly your idea of a masterpiece.

While you may come across some absolute gems under the New York Times Best Seller’s, some are just overhyped and quite frankly too mainstream. I’m craving a book that is so energizingly riveting it’ll keep you up all night- first because you can’t stop reading it, and then because you can’t stop thinking about it.

I decided to put together my own reading list which is a culmination of literature from trustworthy book blogs as well as personal recommendations. I have not personally read any of these books yet, but intend on starting one from this list today. Reading taste is highly subjective so this list may not please everyone, but it’s pretty well-rounded. I’d love your feedback in the comments below!

[show-book title=”recursion”]

[show-book title=”acid”]

[show-book title=”1984″]

[show-book title=”stoner”]

[show-book title=”evicted”]

[show-book title=”universe”]

[show-book title=”stoic”]

[show-book title=”light”]

[show-book title=”amen”]

[show-book title=”quiet”]

[show-book title=”outliers”]

[show-book title=”super”]

[show-book title=”scar”]

[show-book title=”figure”]

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