Meet Hashtag. A Revolutionary Social Media Platform That is Here to Shake Up Instagram


What happens when you combine and refine the biggest social media platforms? A new star is born.

Meet Hashtag.

We are a revolutionary content curation app helping you find the “hidden gems” of the internet.

I can’t explain to you how excited I am to launch this app, I really believe this is going to be the next generation of the internet. It’s like a chicer, more refined version of Instagram mixed with Pinterest sprinkled with a little bit of Yelp.

So here’s the backstory behind Hashtag.

As a micro-influencer and content creator I’m always looking for the most instagrammable locations, trendy new spots, fashion inspiration and everything in between. But let’s be real. It’s a pain in the ass to try and find what you’re looking for on traditional search engines or Instagram because you have to weed through a ton of irrelevant content.

With a boom of sponsored posts and algorithm changes, it’s harder for profiles to get exposure unless you have a ton of engagement. I always stumble across cool instagram feeds and wonder how these business/influencers can get more exposure organically. So whether I’m looking for vintage vanity trays, ceramic vases, interior design inspiration, photographers, boutique hotels, WHATEVER, I spend a lotttttt of time on Instagram hashtags and Pinterest to look for that perfect something and wished there was a platform that could curate this for me.

So I created one.
I saw this as a perfect opportunity to fill the void in the market and build a brand new platform from scratch and that’s when Hashtag was born.

whats hashtag.png

We are an exclusive platform that is going to revolutionize the way people connect by curating the best and most relevant content to our users. Our goal is to create a visual social search engine app with a clean, easy to use interface. 

Our users will have a tool that solves their need for easy visual search and curated content, saving them tons of time and giving them direct access to high quality products, services and experiences.

Quality is encouraged here so Hashtag profiles will only be exclusive for on-brand businesses and influencers, but anyone will be able to use the app.



How we are different

We’re a social search engine – rather than showing a list of website links, our search tool returns a visual feed of user and business – generated content, combining the easy search function of Google with the visual appeal and social collaboration of Instagram.

We vet all of our authorized business accounts through a strict evaluation process, so users know that any companies they discover on the app are already rated at a certain level of quality or higher. We make it easy to see what products or services were provided in each image, so users can then reach out to businesses directly through the app to make their own purchase.

Overall, we provide a much-needed tool that benefits consumers and business owners through highly relevant and targeted search tools.


on brandSo who’s an ideal customer avatar?

A 28 year old lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer living in New York City. She has 50k followers that’s she’s grown organically and is gaining traction on her blog, already working with some brands for partnerships. She constantly looks for new content ideas, products and unique places to set her apart in her posts, but has trouble sorting through all the available information to find the “hidden gems”.

An Etsy shop that makes sustainable, hand-crafted goods that is looking for more exposure.
An Instagram influencer that has gained a following from their fitness page and is looking to monetize by offering personal training lessons.

Our brand story

-The internet and social media is over saturated with low quality, uninspiring content

-Digging through this content is exhausting and unpleasant, and often takes a lot of work to find something worthwhile

-You deserve to have easy access to aesthetically inspiring content that makes the search process enjoyable

-Expertly curated content ensures your experiences will be exceptional and worthy of your blog, profile or social circle

-Sharing your experience allows you to establish yourself as an authority, boost social status and credibility for finding such a “hidden gem”

A feature I added that I absolutely love is the “trending now” section. Hashtag will recommend places/products we think you’ll love based off of your location and relevance. By default the app will pick up your current location but you can also customize it. So for example, If I’m a travel blogger planning a trip to Brisbane, I can filter the location and see what is trending in that location. It takes me weeks to plan my itinerary by searching through hashtags and Pinterest but this is MUCH more efficient and personalized.

My landing page is officially live and I am reaching out to influencers and business that I think will be a good fit for the app


If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating please email



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