DIY Dried Floral Bouquet


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Hottest wedding trend of 2019…

Dried florals. I’ve been noticing them popping up EVERYWHERE and they’re stealing the spotlight from their fresh counterparts. Pampas grass took the wedding world by storm last year and now the grass trend has extended into a larger variety of dried flowers.

Their muted tones and natural textures gives them appeal amongst people who are looking to incorporate vintage vibes to their arrangements.

I’ve been into warm and earthy hues lately so dried florals go perfectly with my color palette. It will be a common theme throughout my wedding so I wanted to share a sneak-peek of the dried bouquets I prepared for my bridesmaid boxes.


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DIY Dried Floral Bouquet

What you’ll need:

  • 1 bunch of natural preserved cotton stems
  • 1 bunch of preserved willow eucalyptus in bleached white
  • 1 bunch of dried bunny tail grass in natural color
  • 2 bunches of natural dried pink globe amaranth dried flowers
  • 1 bunch of everlastings dried flowers in natural white

Afloral is my favorite source for dried flowers and grasses and is more cost efficient than hiring a florist for your arrangements. The beauty of making your own dried floral bouquet is there’s no right or wrong way to put one together. You can play around with any combination of grasses/florals and it will effortlessly look beautiful and unique.

Start with your larger florals or grasses first. In my arrangement I started with willow eucalyptus and bunny tail grass.

Next add a bold piece to your installation to create texture, such as a cotton stem.

Continue adding flowers with a variety of elements to give your bouquet a well rounded feel. Adding a pop of color like pink amaranth will break up the muted tones without being over-the-top.

Depending how large you want your bouquet you can start to repeat the florals by working in a clockwise rotation. I wanted to create small bouquets for my bridesmaid boxes so I only used a few stems from each variety.

To complete my bouquet I secured the ends of my stems with twine and placed them in my box (post soon to come)


.. & that’s it! I would love to hear about your wedding floral arrangements. Did you go with traditional flesh blooms or dried bouquets? Leave a comment below



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