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F72F4E64-B99F-49D9-A9D0-B6B4851F953A.jpegTGIF babes! The part I’m looking forward to most this weekend is doing absolutely NOTHING. I have had such a crazy/hectic/whirlwind of a month but it’s seriously all worth it- lots of exciting stuff! I wonder sometimes how the hell we have the bandwidth to focus our energy in a million different directions but somehow get it all done. Lately, I find it extremely difficult to just chill and turn my brain off, I have overwhelming anxiety when I’m not being productive. It drives my poor boyfriend nuts, but I promised him I’d work on it. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

Asides from that, I had a super therapeutic afternoon with my mom – we were in the mood to go candle sniffing and ended up coming home with half of the store. I absolutely love candles, it does something to my mood that I can’t explain. My morning routine consists of waking up, drinking hot lemon water and lighting a candle right away before I start my day. It really helps to set the tone. Ideally my plans this weekend are to deep clean/organize my apartment in oversized sweatpants and avoid social interactions like the plague. I’m such a recluse lately but I attribute that to being in sales and having to talk to people for a living day in and day out. Like, please still invite me but I’m not coming – haha.

Anyway, tune in to GAV as I share with you guys some of my recent looks wearing my rad new dad sneaks. I think they’re so trendy and I literally pair them with anything from skirts/dresses/maxis/jeans/you name it. It’s a love/hate thing, but I’m loving it.

Sneaks // Balenciaga

Matching skirt set // mines last season from Tiger Mist but similar here Revolve

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