If only

I would totally be successful if only I had


more time

more money

more handouts

more support

better networks

more luck

I always got a kick out of that one – luck. The older I get the more I realize those with a scarcity mindset will always chalk up success to being “lucky.” I was raised to create your own luck and to never hold your breath waiting for opportunity.

The truth is, excuses are what separates the non-doers from the movers and shakers- the people that get what they want and the people that don’t. You want a better relationship, a nicer physique, a better job, but there’s always a reason you’ll tell yourself why you can’t have these things.

I always work towards personal growth, and one of my goals this year is to cut the bs and stop making excuses. I found myself lacking accountability and would look to blame circumstances or others for why things didn’t work out.

My biggest weak suit is time management and I’ll always give a million excuses why I can’t do this, or can’t do that. I’m a last minute Larry FOR SURE, and my friends would probably drop dead if I ever showed up to anything on time. I am working on a better work/life balance with more quality time spent with the people I love.


Some people call me a dreamer, but I tell them to think outside the box. I believe consistency and hard work is the difference between the 2% and the rest of the world. While other people depend on the economy, I create my own. Chase your vision- not the money. Chasing money won’t make you successful, but money will always usually ensue.  I’ve been an entrepreneur from a very young age and knew I never wanted to work under someone’s thumb. Nothing wrong with conventional jobs, but I’m not a good order taker. I get frustrated when I’m putting in all of this hard work to help achieve someone else’s goals and vision. Find something you’re passionate about, and then burn your ships.  Great leaders know what it means to burn your ships. The story originates in 1519 when Hernan Cortes landed his men in the New World to begin his great conquest. Although hazardous and potentially deadly, Cortes burned his ships to make his message clear- There is no turning back. When you are committed to something, you give it 110% and don’t consider plan B or C if plan A doesn’t yield results. You MAKE plan A your only plan. I’m not quite where I want to be in life, but I know where I want to be.

So, why do I have a random picture of me sitting in a hotel bed? Well, the Arlo Nomad is one of my favorite spots to unwind in NYC! This quaint hotel in Midtown has breathtaking views of the city right from your bed and I’m always looking for bright, airy spaces to clear my head.

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