Never scoop litter again with this self cleaning litter box

I’m really excited to write this post because I’ve always been a little skeptical of self cleaning litter boxes, I mean how well could they really work? As many of you know I have 2 Persian kitties and picking up after them can feel like a full time job. I don’t know what an appropriate spot is to keep your cat’s litter box, but mine had to go in my living room because I could conceal it behind my couch- but yuck. I hate mess/smells so I was scooping up litter 3-4 times a day just to try and keep it as fresh as possible.

I wanted something easier and more automatic that could take care of the dirty business for me. I was ecstatic when Litter Robot sent me their newest model Litter Robot III Open Air to try out.

Even Leo couldn’t wait to jump in his new litter box! This self cleaning globe is completely hands off as it sifts through the litter, dropping the waste into a plastic lined chamber. Not to mention, the innovative style makes me actually want to display it instead of hide it behind my couch!

What I really like about the Litter Robot III Open Air is that it has little to no maintenance whatsoever. I’m really terrible at servicing my appliances and would rather buy a new coffee machine that occasionally change the filter, so this automatic litter box is rated an A+ in my books. Some of the cool features added to this model are display lights that indicate when the waste drawer is full, an automatic blue light that turns on at night so your kitty can see, and even has Wi-Fi so you can remotely control your Litter Robot!


How it Works

A sensor will detect when your cat is using the Litter Robot and a red light will go off to indicate it is being occupied.

A 7 minute countdown will start once your cat exists and the globe will begin to rotate to start the cleaning cycle.

The unique innovation of this design sifts through the litter as it separates the clumps and dumps them into a plastic lined bottom compartment.

The chamber than rotates back to its original position and offers clean litter for the next time your kitty needs to use it.

I highly recommend this product and it is well worth the investment. You can spend more time cuddling with your furry friends instead of cleaning up after them.

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