Linen Closet Organization

Most linen closet looks like absolute chaos (including mine) but here’s how you can turn that messy space into organized bliss.

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Roll Your Towels

Toss your mismatched towels and keep the look uniform. I bought these from Target and I love how soft they are. Roll them up and stash in a bin for ready access.

Bins and Crates

I also bought these wicker bins from Target and they’re perfect for storing toiletries. I’ve been buying extra household items on Amazon to keep for when I run out and it is much easier than running to CVS everytime you need something. These wire crates are also a personal favorite and they’re great storage for your rolled towels.

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Glass Canister 

I compartmentalize my life with canisters, you can never have too many. I keep cotton swabs and q-tips in mine inside the linen closet. The top is easy to remove, so it is not a hassle to grab something quick.

Drink Dispensers for Detergent

Pour your detergent into drink dispensers for a creative way to ditch the plastic. I put wooden bowls underneath for easy dispensing.

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+ there you have it. A neat and organized linen closet. I truly believe a clean space will boost your productivity, especially if it is one of the first things you look at in the morning.


  • This looks so nice! And how creative with the dispensers & little creamers! I came here from Pinterest just to find out what they held. Question- does the little plant really live in the closet, or was that more of a prop just for the photo? If it stays there, could you share what it is? I’m trying to find places to put plants in my home, but I’m very new at being a plant mom, ha!

    • Hi Mel! Sorry I’m a little late here, I don’t always see my notifications. I promise I don’t abuse my little plant and keep him in the closet, it’s just a prop lol! 🙂

  • Where did you find the round wooden risers that your liquid detergent dispensers sit on?


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